ART AIR不像是傳統意義上的畫廊,也不像是街頭藝術團體,我們更偏向兩者中間不被某一種標簽所束縛的共存的空間。潮流藝術展覽、創意性產品研發、藝術延伸品銷售平臺是ARTAIR的主要方向。

Art Floating In The Air-漂浮在空中的藝術,謹以致敬有限空間的無限可能,將潮流與藝術進行融合,進而推動中國當代藝術的發展。

Founded in 2019, ARTAIR is committed to the promotion of contemporary art. Begin with the trend culture and contemporary art as a starting point, and participate in exploratory cooperation with the well-known brands in many different fields, has been supported by a large number of groups.


ART AIR is not like a gallery in the traditional sense, nor is it like a street art group, we prefer the coexistence space between the two is not bound by a certain label. Trend art exhibition, creative product development, art extension sales platform are the main directions of ARTAIR.


Art Floating In The Air- pays homage to the infinite possibilities of limited space, and we are willing to build an artistic realm with temperature and depth, waiting for every artist's gentle steps, giving them a window to show their works, applying new art forms in contemporary art practice, and showing popular trends in various forms of art;